Haven’t been on for almost a year..

I’m changing up my blogs look, and I hope to play more animal crossing soon.

I miss playing.

How awesome is it to have Kiki as a neighbor ?! I'm so jealous :)

I love her. She’s so sweet! :3

Happy Halloween Everybody!

I love you guys! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

I haven’t been able to play :’c

Stupid school. I wish it was summer again.

This is one of my favorite songs. And this made me LOL. I had to reblog it.
They were having a really good conversation about the competition on tv last night, until they realized that they were talking about different things..
Rod about a baseball game. Alfonso about a pie-eating contest.
He has two beds. He should lay down and rest in one of them. He’ll probably feel a lot better if he does.

harajukucrossing replied to your photo: Workin’ out in Boone’s crib.

How can a guy with weights have a giant papa bear xD

-sigh- I wondered the same thing.. lmfao

Workin’ out in Boone’s crib.

I got to play! :’D

But I can’t post pictures because my Internet is being dumb :c

I was gonna play animal crossing, but I fell asleep while watching tv and I have to do homework :c

Oopssss. And it’s almost 1 am..

Sorry guys,

I haven’t been keeping up with my 30 day challenge and I’ve hardly been able to play :c
School and my vet intern are taking up most of my time.
But when I can I’ll post the days I’ve missed on the 30 day challenge and I’ll play.
I also wanna wifi with y’all when I can c;